James Brum “To Get The Ball Rolling” In His Comeback At Brave 24

James Brum ®️ Envisage

[랭크5=고현 기자] Ending 2016 with two straight losses on the judge’s scorecards, James Brum questioned his desire to continue on with a career as a mixed martial artist. After some soul searching and much needed time off, he is back and signed to a major promotion.

The UK native will make his return to the cage against Louie Sanoudakis at Brave CF 24 on July 25 in London, England.

John Hyon Ko of Kumite TV chatted with Brum to discuss his time away from MMA competition, signing a multi-fight deal with Brave, being able to make his return in London, getting motivation from the Tiger Muay Thai tryouts, planning a wedding during fight camp and more.

Full video interview down below.

Notable excerpts from the interview:

JHK: “Does it give you an extra push since you are in training camp right now and you are coming back after so many years off and you see these young guys trying to even get a spot on the [Tiger Muay Thai] team? Does it give you a little kick to your motivation?

James Brum: “Definitely! Like, for example, me and the other fight team members that got fights coming up we were jumping in. The wrestling session, the no gi session, we were straight in there.”

JHK: “You are facing a Canadian, Louie Sanoudakis. What are your thoughts on him and how he stacks up against you?”

James Brum: “I go through and look at his Sherdog. There is like no footage on the guy. They all took it down or I don’t know. But what I did notice is that he has not fought very often. I’ve had two and a half years off but my record is still huge. So he has fought once or twice a year. I notice most the wins are decisions, he has had a couple of triangles. I know he comes from a really good gym, Tristar. I’m just excited to be back, it is not my first rodeo. So whatever he brings to the table I believe I can counter it.”

JHK: “What are your goals moving forward? What do you want to accomplish?”

James Brum: “I got a three-fight contract with Brave. So it’s not just the one fight, it’s a three-fight contract which is just phenomenal. I’m going to win this fight and then there are two more fights on the horizon. So I not left lost again, you know, trying to find a fight. I know that somewhere in the next 12 months I have another two fights. It is going to be for a huge promotion Brave, somewhere in the world, against another talented opponent.”

For the audio version of the interview CLICK HERE or go to iTunes.

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