Mohammad Fakhreddine: ‘Now It’s Time To Put Myself Back On The Map’

Mohammad Fakhreddine | Photo Credit – BRAVE CF

[랭크5=고현 기자] In baseball terms, analysts would describe what Mohammad Fakhreddine has gone through in his past three outings in the cage as a slump. However, the 34-year-old understands the game very well and does not deter him from chasing after the biggest stage.

JHK of Kumite TV spoke with the former Desert Force welterweight and middleweight champion via Skype to discuss his return after almost a year away from the cage, Tarek Sulieman, linking up with UAE Warriors, the reasoning behind having his camp in Phuket, and more.

Mohammad Fakhreddine will take on Dan Vinni in a catchweight bout at UAE Warriors 2 in Abu Dhabi on July 5.

For the audio version of the interview CLICK HERE or go to iTunes.

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