Eternal MMA 45’s Chelsea Hackett: ‘I’m Looking For A Knockout’

Eternal MMA flyweight Chelsea Hackett ®️Jake Sylvestor

[랭크5=고현 기자] In this interview, John Hyon Ko of Kumite TV is joined by multiple-time Muay Thai world champion Chelsea Hackett to discuss her upcoming MMA debut at Eternal MMA 45, elevating her ground game at Apex Training Academy, working with Jordan Sullivan for peak performance, and more.

Chelsea Hackett will take on Mel Zeman in the co-main event of Eternal MMA 45 on May 25 in Southport, Australia.

Notable excerpts from the interview:

John Hyon Ko: “It’s here again, it’s fight week. Your second time around. How are the nerves?”

Chelsea Hackett: “Nerves are fine. To be honest I don’t get nervous until I’m about to walk into the ring or cage so definitely no nerves at the moment, just pure excitement.”

John Hyon Ko: “Let’s talk about your opponent at Eternal MMA 45, Mel Zeman. What are your thoughts on her and what challenges do you think she poses to you?”

Chelsea Hackett: “I think Mel is a great challenge for me as my first MMA fight. I think her game would not be my game. She is from Tiger Muay Thai, such a great camp. I’m sure she’s going to come ready, I’m sure she’s going to be aggressive. At the end of the day, I’m a fighter. I’ve had the experience in the ring. This is my first time stepping into the cage but a fighter is a fighter so I’m coming to fight. I’m sure she’s coming to fight, too.”

John Hyon Ko: “There’s a lot of hype surrounding you, entering your first fight. If you don’t get a finish, will you not be satisfied?”

Chelsea Hackett: “I’m looking for a knockout. I think in all of my Muay Thai fights I go in looking for a knockout. I’m naturally an aggressive fighter. I don’t think you can teach aggression. I don’t think it’s something, you start training and your trainers teach you how to be aggressive. I think either you’re aggressive or you’re not. I think you’re a technical fighter or more a brawler. Everyone has their own style.”

For the audio version of the interview CLICK HERE or go to iTunes.

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