Aidan Aguilera Aims To “Out MMA” Bevan O’Malley At Hex Fight Series 18

Hex Fight Series Lightweight ®️ Hex Fight Series/Vision Media Group

[랭크5=고현 기자] In this interview, high-flying lightweight prospect Aidan Aguilera spoke with John Hyon Ko of Kumite TV about his upcoming return at Hex Fight Series 18, being a full-time fighter for Adrenaline MMA & Fitness, Kunlun Fight still owing him money, Bevan O’Malley taking a big risk by taking this fight, the impact of having Australian Olympic legend Cris Brown, and more.

Aidan Aguilera (7-2) will take on Bevan O’Malley at Hex Fight Series 18 on March 29 in Melbourne, Australia.

For the audio version of the interview CLICK HERE or go to iTunes.

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