UFC Flyweight Kim Ji-Yeon Spars Celebrity, Makes Him Throw In The Towel


[랭크5=고현 기자] As part of a funny online show called “Il-Kwon Let’s Play”, UFC flyweight Kim Ji-Yeon took on South Korean comedian Ahn Il-Kwon in a friendly three-round sparring session.

The very sarcastic Ahn showed up four hours ahead of their scheduled faceoff at a boxing gym to get warm and prepare himself mentally. None of this actually helped him when he stepped into the ring with Kim.

Throughout the rounds, Ahn sustained multiple fake injuries and complained about everything he deemed unfavorable. At one moment, Kim hit him with a soft jab and Ahn started to bleed, sort of.

After quitting and then returning to the ring, Ahn did not want much more and threw in his own towel and blamed it on his corner.

Even though Ahn was exerting much energy, the 29-year-old slugger was going extremely light during the exchanges and said that she didn’t even break a sweat when it was all over.

Kim recently stepped into the Octagon on short notice and dropped a decision to highly-touted striker Antonina Shevchenko at The Ultimate Fighter 28 Finale in Las Vegas last November. ‘Firefist’ debuted in 2017 and holds a 2-2 record under the UFC banner.

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