Glenn Sparv Expects A ‘Wild Night’ At Full Metal Dojo 16: Big Trouble In Little Bangkok

FMD Middleweight Glenn Sparv ®️ Facebook Page

[랭크5=고현 기자] In this interview, Australian Fighting Championship middleweight champ Glenn Sparv joined John Hyon Ko on Kumite Radio to discuss his upcoming title fight at FMD 16, getting over loses being more difficult in the upper ranks, fighting at heavyweight, the growth of Full Metal Dojo, Prius vs Ferarri, Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix and more.

For the audio version of the interview CLICK HERE or go to iTunes.

Glenn “Teddy Bear” Sparv will face Mehdi Bagheri for the inaugural middleweight title at Ful Metal Dojo 16: Big Trouble In Little Bangkok on November 3.

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