‘Korean Zombie’ Jung Chan-Sung On Defeating Frankie Edgar: ‘I Came Up With An Answer’


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[랭크5=고현 기자] Leading up to his headlining spot at UFC Fight Night 139, #10-ranked UFC featherweight Jung Chan-Sung looks to have all his ducks in a row to take out former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

During a recent interview with SPOTV NEWS, Jung gave some insight into his thought process and delved into his training.

“It was difficult to come up with a strategy for him but eventually, I came up with an answer.”

The 31-year-old South Korean described Edgar as “flawless”. He declared his opponent’s strong points are rooted in his wrestling and physical strength.

“Unlike other fighters, it is really difficult to find a weak point in [Edgar’s] game,” Jung says. “He’s a champion who has a lot of championship experience. I understand that but I have been around for quite a while now so I know I shouldn’t focus only on my strong points and have a backup plan.”

During most of his training camps, Jung imagines his sparring partners as his upcoming opponent and tries to come up with an effective game plan. However, the Zombie MMA leader revealed that it took him about a month to figure out the formula to beat the former lightweight champ.

Even though Jung considers Edgar a tough puzzle to solve, he did not shy away from expressing his confidence leading into this fight.

“It was difficult to come up with a strategy for him but eventually, I came up with an answer,” Jung adamantly states. “I plan to dominate every single aspect of the fight. I look up to Edgar and I consider this chance to fight him as a great honor.”

Jung has been out of action for the past 19 months recovering from a serious knee injury after making a successful return to the Octagon against Dennis Bermudez at UFC Fight Night 104.

With the highly-anticipated comeback of the “Korean Zombie” only about a month away, many UFC fans wonder if they will see the best version of the former featherweight title-challenger in the main event of UFC Fight Night 139 versus Frankie Edgar in Denver, Colorado on November 10.

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