Khai Wu Targets A Breakout Performance At RFC-WOTD 2 On July 7

RFC-WOTD Bantamweight Khai Wu ®️ Twitter

[RANK5=John Hyon Ko] In this interview, up-and-coming prospect Khai “The Shadow” Wu spoke with John Hyon Ko from Taipei about his upcoming matchup with Yusei Tashiro, getting his start in Asia, never getting a neck tattoo, moving forward from his Bellator 199 setback, and more.

For the audio version of the interview CLICK HERE or go to iTunes.

Khai “The Shadow” Wu faces Yusei Tashiro at RFC-WOTD 2 in Taipei, Taiwan on July 7.

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Instagram: @khai_theshadow_wu
Twitter: @khai_theshadow


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