Ramona Pascual Talks Training At Phuket Top Team, Nutrition, Public Speaking And More

ROAD FC bantamweight Ramona Pascual ®️ Instagram

[RANK5=John Hyon Ko] Ramona Pascual has had so much happen in the past year from starring in a reality show in a foreign country to suffering a knee injury two weeks out from the biggest fight of her career.

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In between that time, she has made a successful debut at ROAD FC 45 in South Korea, joined Phuket Top Team, was a guest speaker at Leading Women Dialogue in Hong Kong and even participated in a few grappling tournaments to stay busy.

Although she was eager to show her true abilities at ROAD FC 47 in Beijing, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise and throw everything out of whack.

In this interview done before she sustained her injury, Ramona Pascual spoke with John Hyon Ko about her promotional debut last December at ROAD FC 45, finding the right fit at Phuket Top Team, public speaking, TEDxWanChai in June and more.

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Twitter: @ramonapascual

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