[TFC16] Featherweight Title-Challenger Seung-Woo Choi On Holloway vs Aldo and UFC Aspirations

TFC Featherweight Title-Challenger Seung-Woo Choi

[RANK5=Hyon Ko] Former TFC featherweight title-holder Seung-Woo Choi spoke with Rank5 about how he sees the Max Holloway versus Jose Aldo rematch at UFC 218 playing out. He also gives his reasons to why he would be a great addition to the tremendous 145-pound division in the UFC.

Choi will be in the same shoes as Aldo when he enters the cage on December 9 at TFC 16 in the main event. Current champion Jae-Woong Kim knocked him out in their last meeting and now he is attempting to get revenge at the same time get his title back.

Hyon Ko jhkmma@gmail.com

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